A Moment in Time, Captured

October 31, 2005

There is something about an especially moving acting performance that stays with you, haunts you, long after the initial encounter, especially when delivered by a young and attractive actress. It is as if you were let into a big secret, made privy to some private moment when this person was at her peak both in skill and in physical vigor. Perhaps it is the awareness of the transience of it all that haunts you, especially when you realize that the captivating, carefree young thing you’ve been watching on the screen is now probably a respectable matron in her own right, a pillar of her community with all her youthful foolishness behind her; it reminds you of your own passing youth, which try as you might slowly slips between your fingers. Time is a pitiless taskmaster, but at least the object of your admiration will enjoy immortality of a sort in the hearts of all those who see her – what will you have?

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